Our Guide to Your Future Office

You’ve got a long time before your lease expires, so why start planning for your next move now? Now is the time to lay the groundwork for your vision, before you’re in crunch time. Our FREE ebook provides month-by-month suggestions that will help you make headway on your new office plans—starting 2+ years before your lease expires.

5 Trends in Legal Office Design

New technologies, rising real estate costs, and evolving workflows and staffing structures all have implications for legal office design. Here are five of the biggest workspace trends in the legal industry.

Insurance Workplaces 2020 & Beyond

There has been much deliberation over the future of office design and layout. Interior design has immense influence over physiological and psychological health. Amid a global pandemic, how can the design of our offices make occupants feel safe and yet not inhibit productivity and collaboration? We explore this topic in this eBook.

Financial Analysis as a Lease Negotiation Tool

Effective negotiations for an office lease require a thorough understanding of the underlying economics of the transaction. Great deals are not only found, but also negotiated.

4 Office Design Trends Propelling Manufacturing Firms into the New Decade

Executive leadership teams of the world’s leading manufacturing firms are embracing office design as a way to refine their images and provide a space capable of addressing their various needs. Here are four ways office design can propel your manufacturing firm into the new decade.