Formcraft Designed Eastwood’s Brand-Centric Office Design

263 Shoemaker Road, Pottstown, PA 19464
“Everyone is very excited. We’re glad how everything came together.”
Chief Sales and Product Solutions Officer
Eastwood recently restored a company warehouse, which prompted them to also redesign their outdated work environment to better support their people and give them a space they could be proud of.

The Eastwood workspace was altered to reflect their DIY identity in the automotive restoration industry, to improve team morale, to use their footprint efficiently and to attract and retain talented people.

Eastwood wanted their workspaces modernized and the overall vibe of the space to mirror the industrial nature of their work.

“We had to get creative when choosing materials to get that industrial look, which obviously would be costly,” Formcraft designer Julia Lech said. “But with some research, different team members came up with solutions.”

There are galvanized metal walls in the office and rustic wood cabinetry in the lunchroom. With the help of Penn Lighting Associates, the space was brightened up by the industrial pendant lights that hang from the ceiling.  The team then installed carpet tiling from Patcraft that mimicked tire tread marks.

Their leadership team modernized the office’s segmented cubicles by transitioning them into open office work areas highlighted with Eastwood’s signature blue color scheme. These introduced more collaborative workspaces, decreased workstation footprints and opened up the space for faster communication. The design team also centralized the mail room and adjusted Eastwood’s call center by improving acoustics and decreasing their impact on other departments.

With 85 employees working in the building while it was renovated over 14 weeks, there was significant potential that the project could have a negative impact on Eastwood’s productivity. Through close collaboration with Eastwood’s internal team, Formcraft delivered the project in phases to minimize disruption to their business.

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