Formcraft’s Renovation of Essex’s Office

9 Essex Blvd, Malvern PA
“The overall vision was carried out perfectly by the design and construction team. The design team introduced so much more color and life into the spaces.”
Project Manager | Formcraft
Essex hired Formcraft to reimagine their Malvern office space to support a company culture that encourages talent within to pursue opportunities for growth. The Formcraft team revamped the outdated office with touches of bright color and modern finishes.

The renovation process for Essex started with an assessment of the existing office. Together, Formcraft and Essex identified a need to address the outdated cubicle arrangement. The Formcraft design team introduced a much more open concept to replace small, closed-off offices. Individual workspaces are separated by frosted glass cubicles that creates greater visibility through the space without sacrificing individual privacy. Floor-to-ceiling windows fill the office with natural light that reaches all corners of the office, and the greenery from outside complements the sleek white finishes inside.

During the construction phase,  the front doors were replaced with a glass wall to open up the lobby, and a training area was added to display awards. The restrooms were reconfigured to accommodate an expanded ladies room. New cabinets, floors, and furniture create a cohesive theme

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