Formcraft’s Design Optimizes HOPPECKE’s New Office

2 Berry Drive, Hainesport, NJ, 08036
“We dealt with several companies during our recent move to our new building. I can honestly say that Formcraft was by far the best company to deal with.”
General Manager
HOPPEKE Batteries Inc. undergoes a relocation and building renovation in the journey to reimagine their workspace.

The HOPPECKE New Jersey branch filled their facilities to maximum capacity and, among other difficulties in the space, were required to train their employees in an off-site facility.

This branch, one of the company’s 19 subsidiaries that supply batteries and DC systems for industrial markets across the globe, decided to move their 30 employees into a new 7,500 square-foot building and renovate that new space to better reflect their needs as an innovative manufacturer, as well as resolve a few issues they were experiencing in their old space.

The off-site training facility was costly and its lease would soon end, which resulted in a tight project schedule. They had limited space for mobility and interaction in their work environment. HOPPECKE employees needed room in the new building for training, growth, collaboration and flexibility.

Formcraft’s design team immersed themselves in HOPPEKE’s everyday functions to understand exactly how employees work and use their space. After interviewing HOPPECKE staff, what became clear was that the overall design scheme needed to reconfigure the new space to have an open floor plan and serve all HOPPEKE’s functions under one roof.

Formcraft designed and rebuilt the new location in eight weeks to include an embedded training facility alongside manufacturing areas. The floor plan was opened up for collaboration and interaction, done partially by replacing existing office walls with glass. Work zones allowed for better flow and visibility throughout the space.

During construction, Formcraft team members were challenged to salvage as much of the new building’s structure as possible during demolition, which in the end would lower costs for HOPPECKE and save time during the renovation.

Formcraft team member Wes MacDonald said reducing the project’s lifespan posed a challenge for the crew, but open communication solved any potential issues.

“Since the client had concerns about the complexity of the project and this was a first-time experience for them, our key goal as a team was to make the process as smooth as possible.” MacDonald said.

After transitioning from their prior building and off-site training facilities, HOPPECKE employees were able to train staff members under the same roof as their manufacturing operations. The newly renovated building’s open floor plan and refurbishing allowed for visibility and communication among the 30 employees.

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