Elegant Designs for JW Pepper’s Classic, Timeless Office

191 Shree Blvd in Exton, PA
“Our employee satisfaction went up dramatically. The project went very smooth and Formcraft brought a lot of value."
COO | J.W. Pepper & Son, Inc.
The successfully functional and integrated space at JW Pepper & Son harmoniously blends interior and exterior attributes.

JW Pepper & Son, Inc. is a privately owned sheet music retailer. Customers who buy music from Pepper include individual musicians, community organizations, and professional ensembles, with the main customer base being school and church music directors.

JW Pepper & Son, Inc. wanted to create an efficient workflow with modern amenities while making as few changes as possible to the core of their new building. This produced the challenge of moving from a closed office environment to an open office space.

Formcraft was able to provide an open, collaborative environment with a fitness center, retail store, and lounge areas. The design also enhanced the beautiful exterior views and maximized natural light within the space.

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