Formcraft Helped Copper Hill Make A Fun Office On A Tight Budget

1819 JFK Blvd, Suite 465, Philadelphia, PA 19103
"The new space has a modern, urban feel with comfortable, home-like touches. It's a place where they can feel proud to bring clients."
Technical Director | Formcraft
Copper Hill's new space projects success, fun, and a modern city sensibility—without breaking the bank.

Copper Hill wanted their new Philadelphia headquarters to reflect their image as a successful, fun and savvy residential real estate company—but they needed to stay within a tight budget. They also needed to plan for growth and provide flexible workspaces for their team of busy agents.

We created a comfortable office with homey touches and a fun, urban vibe. The reception area features comfortable furniture and well-chosen décor to evoke the feel of a modern living room. Touches like the mural behind the reception desk bring their brand and colors into the space without overwhelming the clean, modern design.

To support their busy team of agents, who are often on the road, Copper Hill chose a “hot desking” solution without assigned seats. Some of the workstations are partitioned for focused work and some are open for collaboration. Lockers provide space for agents to store their effects before grabbing an available desk.

To keep costs down, the Formcraft designers utilize the existing layout and materials as much as possible. The money saved on remodeling was put into fresh new wall treatments, lighting, and décor. Creative use of off-the-shelf finishings gives the space a custom feel while keeping costs under control. The entire project was completed on time and within the tenant allowance for remodeling and construction. Their vibrant new space makes the most of the existing layout and will meet the needs of their growing agency for years to come.

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