Synovos’ Beautiful & Brand-Centric Office

100 Matsonford Road Radnor, PA 19087
"A focused revision to the lobby and conference room brightened up the gathering spaces and communicate the Synovos brand to both visitors and employees at the office."
Principal | Formcraft
Synovos provides services around the globe in supply chain management, and it’s approach is innovative and thoughtful. Formcraft helped complete a small project for Synovos that mainly dealt with the lobby and corporate conference room.

A few accent walls and branding walls were chosen to brighten up the Synovos office space, and some unique lighting choices were used as well.

The client wanted to bring the lobby up to its corporate standards for its design and culture. Formcraft used a unique design concept in the lobby, so when guests come off the elevator they are greeted with a branded wall that says Synovos.

Formcraft also added a private telephone booth in the hallway for anyone who needs a private place to talk. The reception area was modernized and now has carpeting with unique patterns and fresh paint.

In the conference room, Synovos wanted to increase functionality of the AV, and Formcraft redid the ceilings. It now has a new conference table and collaborative furniture.

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