February 26, 2018

PSI’s Office Is An Innovative New Space

PSI, the leading global Contract Research Organization, continues to pave the way, break boundaries, and excel in its diverse offerings around the world. Most notable is PSI’s ability to complete and deliver clinical projects across diverse therapeutic areas in an efficient and timely manner. As PSI puts it, “We want to be the best CRO in the world as measured by our employees, clients, and partners.” We wanted to add to PSI’s expertise and mission by transforming their space from inefficient to innovative.

PSI’s goals for their new space were to support growth, facilitate internal events, incorporate health and wellness, and add an element of hospitality. Concurrently, our goals for this project were to respond quickly to client requirements while maintaining an agreed timeline and budget, minimize client disruption through efficient project management, and provide high level design expertise that met PSI’s expectation.

Our team came across two interesting challenges during the project process that helped to shape the experience they had while working on the space. First, our team needed to relocate a supporting building column in order to fit the necessary 200 person capacity for the auditorium. This endeavor required structural engineering and steel, which can have lasting effects on the rest of the design process. In addition, our team needed to achieve an inherently European look that mirrored PSI globally, yet also incorporating domestic elements. To do this, a distinct monochromatic color palette was chosen to create a minimalistic appearance along with the addition of laminate additions/finishes to various communal areas to create a floor to ceiling effect – establishing an element of customization.

The innovative new space includes the juxtaposition of eco-friendly wood flooring against a plethora of glass that allows for plenty of natural light. The open floor plan, high ceilings, and decorative lighting in the gathering foyeur create an ambiance that truly runs parallel with the sentiment of PSI’s mission. The minimalist and monochromatic aesthetic/palette coupled with a precise attention to detail contribute to the unique ambiance of the space. The fitness facility includes an expansive locker room with various corporate locker units made of black laminate where individuals can hang their personal belongings – a unique touch that speaks to our attention to detail. With the addition of a spacious and state of the art fitness facility, an auditorium that seats 200 individuals, and an expansive assembly hall, our team was able to meet and exceed PSI’s overall expectations.

Most importantly, our team believes in establishing genuine relationships with our clients and creating a working environment that promotes facilitation and collaboration. A moment during this project that illustrates our unique commitment to our clients occurred this past Halloween where one of our Construction Site Superintendents came in to the PSI office and three of their staff were dressed as him – sporting a tool belt, beard, suspenders, and work boots! Moments like this one speak to the cheerful, yet professional dynamic and collaborative working environment that our team strives to create for all of our clients/projects.
To encapsulate our sentiments about the new space, one of our Principal’s succinctly states, “875 First Ave is the perfect blend of modern, corporate, hospitality, and design.”

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