Bring Data to Your Workplace Strategy with WorkforceDiagnostics™

What is WorkforceDiagnostics™?

Formcraft’s WorkforceDiagnostics™ is a curated diagnostic assessment that informs powerful workplace strategies. Get started with a workshop between our strategy experts and your leadership team.

Next, your entire team takes our data-driven assessment that helps us get to know your business from the ground up..

Finally, we’ll deliver a strategic brief and scenario planning dashboards to help you shift from the current state of your workplace to your desired future.


Who Would Benefit From WorkforceDiagnostics™?

Leaders who are ready to invest in informed strategies to increase productivity, attract and retain talent, and provide a space where people love to work. Your WorkforceDiagnostics™ assessment is a critical step in gaining the edge with a more effective, empowering workspace for your people.

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Innovate Your Workplace

WorkforceDiagnostics™ makes it easy to get back to the hybrid workplace.

space impacts - 43% reduction in space

Attract and Retain Talent

Build a workplace that shows you’re here to stay.

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Save Time & Money

Receive results generated by our powerful software.

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Inspire Collaboration

Find a balance for your hybrid workforce.

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Empower Employees

Set up your staff for success and productivity.

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“Pouring through all that info and coming up with the assessment of how people are feeling is a very laborious task. The fact that you all turned around that amount of info into those insights in that amount of time was awesome.”

— Andre Golsorkhi, Sidecar CEO

Create a Meaningful Workplace Strategy

Our data-driven program builds workplace strategies for you. Take our diagnostic assessment and our team will review your data, helping to make informed decisions about your physical space and organizational goals.

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Guide Your Employees Back to the Office

Get “Return to Work” strategies that support the next iteration of your workplace. Make it easier than ever for your hybrid workforce to connect in and out of the office again.

Download a sample report to see the value of a workplace strategy assessment.