Workplace Strategy

Formcraft creates successful workplace strategies for the future of work.

The role of the workplace has changed dramatically in recent years and it will continue to evolve in the future.

Formcraft’s workplace strategies are fueled by employee-driven data, psychology, consumer experience, and your unique needs. We leverage your workspace to empower your team and help your business thrive.


The Future of Work


Now more than ever, companies need a workplace that can adapt to unpredictable changes, support the hybrid workforce, and evolve with their long term vision.

Lauren Walker, Formcraft’s Senior Director of Strategy and Design, highlights key considerations used to create a successful workplace strategy such as:

  • Why do you need a physical workplace?
  • How much workspace do you need?
  • How can your space better support hybrid model?
  • How can you improve connectivity in the workplace?
There's a Science to the Perfect Workspace
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Why is Workplace Strategy Important?

Understand how to best support the hybrid work model and adapt to changes.

Instill culture, enhance collaboration, and address employee needs to attract and retain talent.


Maximize efficiency and productivity through  interdepartmental proximity, technology, & other tactics.

Strategy Workshop

Share your vision and expectations. Topics include desired culture, future work patterns, workplace flexibility, agility and technology

Organizational Engagement

A tailored visioning workshop. Brand identity, organizational mission and cultural considerations inform goal setting and help create project guidebook.

Workforce Diagnostics Survey

A powerful tool for understanding, planning, and managing organizational information
about the workplace.

Scenario Planning

Insights lead into recommendations and solutions for a future workplace implementation, including meaningful interpretations on how to change.

Programming and Testfits

We will tour the facility and review space allocations and operational aspects, and create a Space Program report.



Our team of architects, designers, and construction professionals will create your optimal workplace through purposeful design.

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