Equisoft’s New Center City Workplace

Philadelphia, PA
Equisoft engaged Formcraft to reimagine their workplace in Center City, Philadelphia. Formcraft delivered a dynamic, flexible workplace reflecting the client’s vibrant brand identity and supporting a hybrid approach to work.
  • Equisoft reduced their footprint to shift to a fully agile workplace design. 
  • Branding is strategically incorporated through architectural elements and finishes. 
  • The design maximizes open space and natural light; it is tied together with a neutral, nature-inspired palette.


Project Goals
Equisoft’s goal was to reduce their footprint and relocate to One Commerce Square to support the needs of a more hybrid workforce. The client wanted to provide a fully agile workspace to foster engagement and connection due to the hybrid work environment. Looking to encourage more frequent employee presence, project goals included a strong concentration on community and amenity space. 

Agile Design
A reduced footprint and desire to encourage movement and customization led to a fully agile design strategy. Nearly all the interior settings within the main open area are furniture-based, creating a fully flexible approach to collaboration and agile work. Acoustic materials and thoughtful orientations help to control sound; a variety of work and meeting settings encourage the user to choose what fits their current need. The cafe and hub are located adjacent to the entry, providing a community-focused space for employees and guests to gather, converse, or grab something to eat.

The design team took a strategic approach to the environmental branding, utilizing brand colors through fabrics and architectural elements instead of large displays or large applications of horizontal color. The result is subtle yet elevated. The client’s signature red is used selectively in shared community spaces and a deeper blue is saved for smaller, private rooms. Notably, a bright red drywall bulkhead detail spans the entire open office, connecting the arrival area to adjacent workspaces. The strong angles and slats in the ceilings and walls are inspired by the angular aspects of Equisoft’s logo.

Design Finishes & Palette 
Stepping into the space, a custom wood slat wall on the left curves gracefully into the space and draws visitors inward. The dimensional slats and logo wall provide the backdrop to an inviting and modestly luxurious lounge setting. The adjacent hub feels bright and crisply white. 

The design maximizes the use of glass, natural light, and open space to enhance a sense of spaciousness and connection with the surrounding environment and city views. Exposed ceilings along the center and perimeter help bolster the effect. In the hub and arrival area, mechanical systems restricted exposure so Formcraft installed a wood slat ceiling to uniquely elevate the look. The wide glass entry door offers high visibility into the workplace. A floor to ceiling glass wall borders the conference room, allowing light to shine in. 

The palette is tied together by neutral, nature-inspired tones and textures. Bright white oak millwork and biophilic elements create an inviting and energizing atmosphere. Benching with built in planters helps to visually separate areas while adding freshness.

The end result is a fully refreshed, flexible workspace reflecting Equisoft’s commitment to excellence and supporting their hybrid approach to work. 

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