Formcraft’s Inspiring & Modern Design for ASTM’s Headquarters

100 Barr Harbor Dr, Conshohocken, PA 19428
“The new space provides a balance between collaboration and concentration- both of which are really important to the work that we do at ASTM.”
Director of IT Product Services | ASTM
ASTM International sets industry standards across the country; it was time their office space did as well.

ASTM International impacts and improves millions of lives every day through the 12,000 standards they set globally.  Along with their impactful business services, ASTM standards help ensure that consumers have confidence in the products they choose, ranging from “the toy in a child’s hand to the aircraft overhead.”

Our goals for this project were to establish an environment that facilitated collaborative thought/coordination and bring in as much natural light into the space as possible. The removal of the segmented and disconnected offices helped to create a more airy, open feel. As the initial phase of renovation for space, this was the first step in setting the standard for the renovation of the rest of the building.

Using a blend of intricate details including curved, lit soffits around the entire space along with segmented walls throughout, illustrates heightened attention to detail. The space includes a collaborative center area with five distinct areas where employees can meet and converse. Each of these areas includes a personalized, digital platform that allows employee customization, noise-cancellation/sound-proof walls, and ample room for innovative thinking. This collaborative area is the first thing one sees when walking in and hence, makes space feel more dynamic, active and open.

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