Workplace as Hub™

Spaces that help you connect, collaborate, and create.
Hybrid work is here to stay and calls for the rejuvenation of the office.

As the approach to work continues to evolve, the modern workplace must support social connectivity, collaboration, and focused work.

The Workplace as Hub™ approach redefines the office as the central connection point in a distributed system of workers.

How does Workplace as Hub™ support the future of work?

Positions the office as the most effective environment for collaboration, communication, and ideation

Leverages technology to seamlessly support and connect remote and in-person workers

Maximizes flexibility, and in turn the value of your real estate investment

Client Success Story
Discover how Formcraft's hub design effectively solved a client's challenges with hybrid work.
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Characteristics of Agile Hubs

  • Flexible work settings
  • A variety of collaborative and focused work areas
  • User-friendly technology
  • A strong focus on well-being and employee engagement
Engaged workers are 18% more productive.
Workplace as Hub™ focuses on employee engagement, which can boost productivity, employee satisfaction, and overall business success.
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