Taking Design to New Heights: A Dynamic, Modern Space for FlightSafety International

Savannah, GA
FlightSafety engaged Formcraft to redesign their aviation training facilities in Savannah - the first of several projects in an ongoing design build partnership. Formcraft modernized the customer-facing areas to provide an elevated customer experience and better reflect their dynamic brand image.
  • Formcraft redesigned all customer-facing areas of the building along with the exterior façade and signage.
  • The design incorporates strong lines and the client’s blue and gray brand colors to evoke flight and movement.
  • The facility has been thoroughly modernized with new technology and contemporary furniture to provide an elevated customer experience.

Scope of Work
Formcraft designed and built all key areas of the customer experience at the training facility, along with the exterior façade and signage. Clients are welcomed into a bright and open reception area, which leads to an adjacent customer support area where they may schedule classes or get questions answered. A large upstairs café area provides space for hosting client dinners, lunches or drinks, while a separate client lounge features a plug-and-play laptop area, coffee bar and pantry.

Branding and Design
One of the key project goals was to design a space that reflects FlightSafety’s brand and evokes movement and aviation. Formcraft drew inspiration from the strong angles of the building’s exterior and the natural dynamism of flight. The new exterior features bold contrasting colors with FlightSafety’s brand deep blue, white and gray. This palette is mirrored inside, with cool tones offset by warmer features. This is seen near the dynamic curved staircase, where deep blue walls provide a dramatic backdrop for the natural wood detailing on the floor below. The graphic wall features a quote central to FlightSafety’s brand identity, “Reserved for the sky’s most elite.” Every detail was selected to reinforce the image FlightSafety wants to convey to their clients.

Elevating the Customer Experience
The new space is not only visually exciting, but also provides an enhanced customer experience. Customer-facing areas have been thoroughly modernized and updated with new technology, contemporary furnishings, and a more functional layout. Clients can now sign in or sign up for classes on touch screens, and lounge areas are equipped with charging ports and Wi-Fi for laptop use. A variety of seating options provide comfortable spaces to lounge, dine, meet or collaborate. In the café and other high-traffic areas, extra thought went into analyzing traffic patterns and strategically placing equipment and furniture to improve flows. An HVAC upgrade improved air quality in the briefing rooms.

FlightSafety now has a thoroughly modern training facility that better meets the needs of both clients and instructors. The space is both functional and attractive, evoking the dynamic nature of flight while remaining comfortable and professional.

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