January 26, 2018

Bisnow – “Philly Workplace of the Future.”

Bisnow hosted the successful “Philly Workplace of the Future” event at the historic Philadelphia Bourse this past Wednesday! It was a productive morning filled with plenty of opportunities for networking, along with insightful discussion panels.

The first panel focused primarily on topics such as design trends, innovative spaces, and the future of shrinking office configurations. All of the panelists agreed that technology acts as the driving force in shaping and impacting design initiatives and office spaces today. Companies must find a way to strategically incorporate technology into their spaces, moving towards a seamless integration of technology and place.

Ariana Butera, Senior Interior Designer at Formcraft, interestingly brought up the idea of mental wellness and its growing impact on design trends. She discussed the tremendous push that tenants are making towards heightened communication within their respective offices. The notion of designing a space that effectively promotes communication among various members of a company to establish meaningful connections and overall wellness continues to excite the industry. This design trend would assist in facilitating, as Ariana put it, “a corporate lattice rather than ladder,” which improves upon mental wellness in a space.

A final key takeaway from the first panel focuses on the question of which office space design, open or closed floor plan, is better for a company. The answer to this question depends on several factors including the type of company and work as well as your goals for a space. However, an effective space must combine the two floor plans in a way that is customizable and personalized for all different types of tasks and individuals.

The second panel discussion focused less on design and more on insights and perspectives from developers and brokers. One of the key discussion points focused on the question of “Why Philly?” The panelists agreed that Philadelphia, the second largest city on the East Coast, is undervalued and harbors many opportunities for growth. With a trend toward job growth, a rise in income, and opportunities to consolidate ownership, the city continues to be an area of inquiry for companies around the US, namely Amazon.

Charles Mcgrath, Managing Director at MRP Realty, posed an interesting question during the discussion: “How do you properly curate the tenant scene in a building to create community?” The answer lies in effectively combining the ideas and insights mentioned in the first panel with that of the second panel’s expertise. This event takes us all one step closer in closing gaps and answering vital questions in the industry.

Hence, the Formcraft team is excited to have had the opportunity to be a sponsor for this event and to contribute to coming up with solutions that will shape the industry and experience for tenants in Philadelphia. Looking forward to many more successful events and collaborations with Bisnow in the future!

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