Office Renovation in Philadelphia

Consider these topics to complete a successful office renovation in Philadelphia.

Planning an Office Renovation

The catalyst for an office renovation varies by company. At Formcraft, we help companies identify that catalyst by visioning where they want their company to be. By helping businesses discover who they are and what they want out of their space, we’re able to deliver unique environments that work for the client.

A few of the most common reasons businesses start planning an office renovation:

  • Attracting and retaining talent
  • Creating a rewarding company culture
  • Boosting employee morale
  • Keeping up with design and workplace strategy trends
  • Improving collaboration and/or productivity

How can you complete an office interior renovation to attract and retain talent?

When planning an office renovation, there’s a difference between a great office space and a workplace as an experience. You can create a great space that incorporates design trends and modern features, but if it doesn’t represent who you are and help you work better, then it’s not a workplace experience.

At Formcraft, we focus on the workplace as an experience and the workplace as a brand. With these concepts in mind, we design spaces that attract and retain talent. One customer success story is Tenneco.

Tenneco came to us with a desire to recruit top talent in the field. As a company in the science and technology industry, recruiting top talent is mission critical because it is a highly competitive market. Together, the project team built dynamic solutions into the workplace strategy, helping Tenneco accomplish these space goals:

Retain high-value employees: The look and feel of Tenneco’s workplace environment is desirable for current employees and supports everyday work. Tenneco’s space includes multiple work settings to support various work postures. In addition, dynamic wall, floor, ceiling materials and accent colors along with decorative lighting, wood ceiling features, and modern furnishings relay a fresh and progressive feel. 

Recruit top talent in the field: Tenneco competes with top manufacturing companies for the best talent, and their new space attracts young, talented employees. 

Provide safe, compliant laboratory space: Tenneco’s laboratory uses the latest technologies and state-of-the-art equipment to protect employees with the highest standards of compliance.


“We took an old Chevy Impala and turned it into a Ferrari,” says Ritesh Mehbubani, R&D Manager at Tenneco. “That’s the change I’m seeing from what we used to have to the workspace we have now.”

How can you complete an office interior renovation to keep up with design and strategy trends?

The most relevant evolution happening in the workplace and in workplace strategy is incorporating the hybrid workplace. When planning an office renovation, it helps to meet with our workplace strategy team to define and clarify your project vision. 

Currently, we’re helping customers complete office interior renovations to transition to a hybrid workplace. To learn more about the hybrid workplace, check out our blog here

Many thought leaders have developed content around the hybrid workplace, including Knoll. What they coin the “Thriving Workplace”, their vision for the future supports a hybrid workplace. According to Knoll, “The Thriving Workplace supports the whole person—the personal, the communal, the mental and the physical. Four people-centric characteristics embody that holistic experience: Togetherness, Restoration, Equity, and Latitude.” (Knoll, 2021.)

Completing an office interior renovation for the hybrid workplace means evolving what being connected means. How can you keep your employees connected when the entire group isn’t “together”? As Knoll suggests, environments should emulate a sense of belonging. When employees feel like they belong, they’re more likely to join together to solve problems—be it from the office together, or at home. 

As your design-build team, we’ll take care of creating great spaces that connect your people, no matter if you’re in a traditional or hybrid environment. We enable our customers to adapt their workspaces to meet their evolving needs. 

Office Renovation Project Management

Office renovation project management is an essential part of the office renovation process, a process that involves multiple stages. Many times, without consistent oversight of the design, architecture and construction of a workplace project, you’re far more likely to experience quality issues, timeline snafus and inter-organizational tension. As a full-service design, architecture and construction company, Formcraft streamlines discovery, planning, and execution of an office renovation with a single point of contact. Our experienced project leads make the process seamless from start to finish, offering unmatched communication and opportunities to create efficiencies along the way.  

Cost-certainty guarantee: We complete 90% of projects within 5% of initial budget

As mentioned, when you make the decision to undergo workplace renovation, timing is of the essence. We suggest starting the conversation about 30 months before your lease expires. This is your time to lay the groundwork for your vision, before you’re in crunchtime and rushing these big decisions. For more information on our steps to consider before your lease expires, check out our ebook

With Formcraft’s oversight on the entire workplace renovation, you can focus on managing your business and keeping operations running smoothly.

Featured Projects


1. How to Renovate A Large Corporate Office?

Consider hiring a full-service firm like Formcraft to manage and complete your large corporate office project. From visioning your design and space goals, to providing a litany of architecture, pre-construction, and construction services, Formcraft takes care of everything. Large construction projects typically take 20% longer than originally scheduled. Not at Formcraft. We use constant communication between teams and progressive budgeting to ensure projects get delivered on time and on budget. In fact, we complete 90% of projects within 5% of initial budget and 100% of projects within 10% of the initial budget. 

2. How to Renovate For Open Floorplan?

Consider how you want your space to look and feel. Think about how you want your team to interact with their environment. Then, talk with design experts at Formcraft to incorporate your vision into your workplace design. Renovating for an open floor plan is a great way to modernize your space and make your space less divided, both of which help retain and attract talent. 

3. When to Renovate Your Office?

If you lease office space, we recommend starting the office renovation project 30 months before your lease expires. This gives us time to build a foundation. At the beginning of the process, you’ll establish design aspirations, determine if you need to expand or downsize, collect feedback from staff, complete a furniture and technology audit, plan for change management, and much, much more. 

4. Why Renovate My Office?

Consider some of these reasons:

  • Lease is expiring soon
  • Low employee morale and/or drop in productivity
  • Increase collaboration and cohesiveness
  • Tenant improvement allowance opportunity
  • Immediate expansion or downsizing needs
  • Interest in the hybrid workplace environment

If any of these reasons sound like your situation, get in touch with a Formcraft representative for a free design consultation. 

5. Purpose of Office Renovation?

The purpose of an office renovation varies by client. Our team is here to help you identify your purpose and incorporate your vision into a functioning workplace environment.

Philadelphia Office Renovation

Formcraft is a premier design-build firm in Philadelphia. For over 35 years, Formcraft has been completing Philly office renovations. The Philadelphia office scene has evolved over the years, especially following the pandemic. We focus our efforts on people-centered design. 

Workplace design isn’t just about optics and branding. Research from the Gallup State of the American Workplace, shows that certain office features and layouts encourage higher levels of employee engagement and retention. Formcraft works with your team to conduct an extensive discovery process that reveals what’s most important to your employees at every level of the organization. Focusing on the evolution of the workplace, Formcraft future-proofs forward-thinking spaces that outlast various iterations. By designing a space that integrates your unique culture and needs, you’ll enjoy improved collaboration, workplace productivity and employee retention. 

Why plan your workplace renovation with Formcraft?

Formcraft breaks down the walls between the siloed, traditional methodology by consolation design and construction under one roof. As teams work together and communicate every step of the way, Formcraft takes ownership of every detail. Consistent quality control is our top priority, so there are no surprises. Our quality control program is designed to improve the overall performance level, accountability and quality of services we offer to maximize the cost management effectiveness and efficiencies of our programs.

When you’re ready to take your workplace environment to the next level, schedule your free workplace consultation.

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