Formcraft | See How We Brought Vibrant, Natural Design Elements to PQ Corp’s Offices

300 Lindenwood Drive Malvern, PA 19355
“PQ's renovated space is classic, but has a flair that allows employees to escape.”
Principal | Formcraft
PQ Corporation enables environmental improvements and enhances everyday consumer products through collaborative innovation with their customers.

PQ Corporation makes products to reduce air pollution, some of which we use every day. Sustainability and safety are top priorities for PQ Corporation. PQ also has the patent on the reflective beads that are in many paint products and was used in the tile grout in the bathroom during this project.

PQ wanted a full-building renovation, with a breakfast room and bathroom makeover. They were looking for an open concept. Previously, PQ had a lot of large cubicles and employees were separated, so they wanted more modern, lower cubicles, that made employees feel less isolated. PQ had a vision to enhance their break area by providing their employees with a more cheerful and modern space. For the conference room, PQ went with quiet space that, to a degree is sound proof. This allows for conference calls to take place, without interrupting the rest of the office.

Overall, PQ’s space is classic, but with modern amenities and has a certain flair that gives their employees an escape they deserve.

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