April 12, 2021

Bringing the Firm Back to the Office – Tenant Talks

Tenant Talks

On March 31, we hosted our second Tenant Talks event of the year, “Bringing the Firm Back to the Office.” The focus of the event was on what it will be like to return to the office after working remotely for so long. This event built off our first event, “Navigating Disruption in the Legal Space.” 

The three legal leaders in this panel were: 

Plus, our Design Principal Jeremy Drummond shared his thoughts on remote work and the importance of the office environment. 

These expert panelists shared their experiences and tips on how to approach the evolving workplace. For example, beyond adapting work-from-home policies, law firms are confronting decisions on commercial real estate:

  • Will they expand or downsize office space? 
  • Sprawl to the suburbs or remain in the city?
  • What safety protocols will be built into office design and policies?
  • How will the workspace of the future affect company culture?

Watch the Full Tenant Talks Webinar

The panel was moderated by Justin Henry, a Reporter with The Legal Intelligencer. He asked the panelists where their companies were in the process of returning to work—and how important the office is to their firm.

Kernen pointed out the importance of mentorship that can only take place in the office. 

“We can continue to work from our living rooms and our basements, but there’s a lively conversation around training and culture and mentoring and that needs to be considered also. We’re soliciting peoples’ opinions, we’re studying this, and at the end of the day, I think we’ll make the right decision.” said Joseph Kernen. 

Marcel Pratt shared his thoughts on how to get people back into the office.

“Something that all firms need to pay attention to is there isn’t’ going to be a one size fits all. Everybody is not going to be able to come back at the same time. People may make decisions about flexible work arrangements and then have to change their minds if something doesn’t work at home. There’s a lot that can go into it. Everybody’s personal situation is different.” 

Mitchell shared his opinion on how the office will function, stating: “It isn’t necessarily that the footprint [of the office] may change so much, as much of what the use of that footprint will do. And how much that is going to change.” 

Thank you to all three panelists for an exceptional panel discussion. 

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