November 7, 2017

CityBiz List

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Edwin Warfield has conducted over 300 interviews of high-level business associates, creating an intriguing and enlightening dialogue about their personal and company successes. The sheer number of interviews he’s compiled makes for a library of information from who he refers to as “entrepreneurs, visionaries, digital disruptors, angels, passionates, social innovators and CEOs.”

Formcraft was fortunate enough to be featured in one of his interviews with our managing director Owen Druckenmiller. Recapping our founding in 1985, Owen talks about the evolution of our company as well as his roles in it. Stressing the importance of building and maintaining relationships with those who may need our services in the future, he explains why our presence in the suburban-lease market, as well as Center City, is so vital.

These interviews serve as short cameos of the industry and individuals that are being interviewed. While interesting to watch, they can also serve as a great resource for those trying to get an inside look at the industry.

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