October 12, 2017

LiquidHub – New location in Philadelphia

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In essence, you can pin the desire for a workspace redesign to a number of key elements, mainly consisting of features that will enhance collaboration and productivity while providing a physically stimulating and aesthetically pleasing space. For certain companies, these features may operate differently, but often the end goal remains very similar. The process is what Formcraft excels in as an end-to-end solutions provider.

The LiquidHub center city office was a prime example of this. Having already established a design standard with their corporate headquarters in Wayne, PA, most of the work bookended the design process. Drafting multiple test fits (evaluating and presenting how a company can fit into a specific space) for several locations was a key part of this process. This was extremely important as this LiquidHub will have 50-75 employees at this location. Ensuring that a cohesive blend of old and new could fit into the space was necessary. On top of this, conducting numerous test fits required close communication with each of our teams and LiquidHub.

While LiquidHub was looking to replicate its headquarters essentially, the new space came with its own challenges. A dramatic decrease in the square footage, a much tighter timeline, and having to utilize furniture from the existing office all required unique solutions. Being an end-to-end firm is what allows Formcraft to carry out these projects on time and with ease. Where the process would often be slowed down by using multiple companies (one to select a space, one to design it, and another to do the construction), Formcraft allows you to work closely with one team, ensuring timely and uniform communication so that mistakes don’t end up in your lap.

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