January 23, 2018

Outdated and Inefficient Office Spaces can be Harmful… Here’s Why

A Majority of Your Life is Spent at the Office.

About 23% of your life will be spent at work – that’s almost a quarter of your life! Interestingly, Management Today Magazine released survey findings that showed 97% of office workers view their workplace as a symbol of whether or not their employer values them. Some responded that they were ashamed of their work and would never invite friends, family, or clients to visit. This shouldn’t happen. Your work environment undoubtedly influences your level of productivity and happiness. Shouldn’t your office be a comfortable environment that you’re proud of?

Your Office Influences The Type of Employees You Attract.

The workspace has become an essential part of the recruitment process. You don’t need to lose out on talent because your office space is outdated. As the old saying goes, first impressions are everything. Candidates will scour through your social media and website to try to get a glimpse of the environment; then, they’ll make a point of scoping out the space for clues as they’re waiting for an interview. If a potential recruit experiences your organization’s culture as soon as they enter and can feel a sense of pride, it will immediately set them apart.
Inefficient Office Spaces Produce Disengaged Employees.

It’s no secret that people who are unhappy and unsatisfied at work cost staggering operating losses to businesses each year. According to Gallup tracking data, a meager 32% of employees, on average, are engaged at work – and this number isn’t changing! Many factors contribute to this problem, but office spaces can have a major impact on turning the tide. When people are proud of the organization they work for and the space they work in, happiness and productivity increase. People who are given different work settings to choose from, a sense of community, and know they’re appreciated are likely to become loyal and dependable and produce their best work.

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