March 22, 2017

PBJ. 2016 Best Real Estate Deal – DFC Global Corp.

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On March 21st, 2017, The Philadelphia Business Journal announced the top projects and real estate deals completed in Greater Philadelphia in 2016. Each honoree received recognition for being a top deal of the year. In addition to that honor, the Philadelphia Business Journal honored superlative awards for projects demonstrating the highest levels of excellence for innovation, community, and design.
The office space, Formcraft, recently designed and delivered for DFC Global Corp., was recognized as a 2016 Top Deal and selected as the winner of 2016’s Trendiest Interior Design. Donna McDaniel, Senior Interior Designer, and Julia Lech – Violette, Interior Designer, received an award at Sugarhouse Casino during the ceremony on Tuesday.
Lead Interior Designer of the DFC project, Donna McDaniel, shared that before relocation, DFCGlobal Corp. occupied 50,000 SF of space with 140 employees. Formcraft performed a utilization study to understand better how much space DFC needed to maintain high utilization levels. Through optimization of workspace, the design team reduced DFC’s overall square footage to 32,819 SF, yet increased workspace capacity to accommodate 170 employees and allow for future growth.
The new space design successfully fosters collaboration and supports employee well-being. Various work style settings, amenities, and common spaces are now available for DFC’s staff, with natural light entering most of these spaces. Enclosed spaces were significantly minimized, and a sense of community was instilled within the work environment. Team leaders are directly adjacent to their groups in glass front offices to enhance communication. Several design strategies were implemented to control noise, including special sound-blocking drywall, high absorption acoustical ceiling tiles, as well as sound-absorbing materials and design features in the open ceiling areas. Additional features include low-glare decorative lighting with localized dimming controls and reclaimed wood elements on walls and ceilings.
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