October 5, 2021

Progress Report: Potters Industries Workplace and R&D Lab

Potters Industries

Location: Malvern, PA
Size: 20,600 sq. ft. 
Scope: Workplace & Lab Renovation

As a newly independent company, Potters Industries, formerly owned by PQ Corporation, desired a space to unite its organization under one roof. Their new headquarters needed to embody their updated branding, desired corporate culture, and increased efficiencies.

Formcraft helped the company identify potential locations for its new headquarters, including a 20,600 sq. ft. location in Malvern, PA. After performing multiple feasibility studies, the team decided that the Malvern location would support their success. For the first time in the company’s history, they could fit their labs and workplace in the same facility. Learn more about this and other science and technology projects by visiting: formcraft.net/science-and-technology

5 Ways Formcraft Improved Potters’ Science and Technology Facility

Potters Industries approached Formcraft with these goals: 

  1. Create a headquarters that unites their team.
  2. Consolidate the disjointed labs into one cohesive lab workspace.
  3. Position their organization as a standalone company.
  4. Create a space where people want to come.
  5. Incorporate hospitality, corporate industrial, and modern rustic design trends.
  6. Improve air quality to remove viruses, including the virus causing COVID-19.

Improving Potters’ Air Quality

Formcraft installed Plasma Air bipolarization units in the facility. 

Plasma Air needlepoint bipolarization units reduce airborne bacteria mold and yeast. The system removes viruses, including SARS Cov-2 (Virus causing COVID-19), from the air via an electrostatic force.

Project Team

Jim Beale: Principal, Science & Technology
Wayne Druckenmiller: Principal, Client Relations
Julia Lech: Lead Designer
Jay Hartman: Project Manager
Cortney Page: Technical Designer
Maura DiNardo: Interior Designer

Becoming a Successful Standalone Company

Here are the design elements Formcraft incorporated into Potters Industries’ upgraded facility.

  • Dynamic wall coverings in collaborative, agile work zones
  • Elegant and flexible decorative lighting in main conference rooms
  • Creative conference room names with historical relevance to Potters
  • Boardroom with custom-designed company timeline
  • Custom branding, including branded accent walls
  • State-of-the-art laboratory that accommodated existing lab equipment

Who We Are

Formcraft is a design-build firm consolidating design and construction expertise under one roof. Our full-service team manages every project detail so you can stay focused on your business, knowing your future workspace and lab will be delivered with creativity, speed, and accuracy.