May 8, 2017

READY, SET, GO.38th annual Blue Cross Broad Street Run in Philadelphia

Last Sunday, May 7th, 2017, one of Formcraft’s Sales Representatives, Justin Kiessling, finished the 38th annual Blue Cross Broad Street Run in Philadelphia.
Justin has been consistently running for the last 4-5 years, mainly inside on the treadmill for a max distance of 4-5 miles at a time. Once he decided to do the Broad Street Run, Justin knew he had to set up a training schedule that would lead him to his target time.
“I started training for the Broad Street Run at the beginning of March, running 2-3 times a week outside. For my training runs in March I would run 4-6 miles to begin building up endurance. In April, I increased the run distance to 6-8 miles, culminating with a 10-mile run the week before the race. I saw my times got better and better as my training progressed and I became much more confident with every time I ran. I did all my training at the Schuylkill Banks Trail. I would highly recommend using the trail to anyone who lives in the city and wants to train for a race.”
Justin told us that the race was one of the best experiences he had ever had. “I was a little nervous the morning of the Broad Street Run, as I have not run in a race in over ten years. However, once I hit the course, all the nerves went away, and this was due to the amount of support from people. There were thousands of people lining the Broad Street and supporting all the runners, and that what really gave me the adrenaline to run this race and achieve my target time. My girlfriend Cait was at Broad & Spring Garden rooting me on and my mom, brother and nephews were at Broad & Walnut with a big sign. Seeing people you know and love is a huge boost, and it really made this a special day for me.”
Justin ran the race in an hour and twenty-four minutes at an 8:22 pace per mile. His goal was to run at least 8:30 per mile. It is safe to say that all the training paid off, and Justin nailed his target time!
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