February 18, 2021

Return to Work Safely with WorkforceDiagnostics™

PHILADELPHIA, PA – FEBRUARY 2021 Formcraft is pleased to release WorkforceDiagnostics™, a 6-week diagnostic program that improves how businesses build workplace strategies. Leaders looking to create a workplace that empowers their unique team’s needs, desires, and working habits will benefit from investing in this program.

Formcraft Managing Director Owen Druckenmiller and a team of workplace strategists developed the program. Customers will participate in three segments: the leadership vision and insights workshop, a multi-part survey, and the delivery of strategic brief and scenario forecasts. Learn more about the full scope.

Formcraft’s WorkforceDiagnostics™ analyzes businesses from the ground up, focusing on personnel. By providing real-time data, Formcraft’s program gives leaders the tools to create a safe return-to-work strategy and increase employee happiness, productivity, and retention.

As a design-led firm, Formcraft delivers effective, empowering workspaces. WorkforceDiagnostics™ sets the company apart because it’s an analytical system that removes any guesswork for customers. After completing the assessment, customers receive data-driven solutions that take their workplace strategy to the next level.

“As the workforce is given the chance to take the survey and have the opportunity to be heard, they will have a more positive attitude toward design changes and the final workplace design that is reflective of a culture that they themselves helped to create,” says Donna McDaniel, senior interior designer at Formcraft.

WorkforceDiagnostics™ is available to businesses of all sizes looking to invest in informed return-to-work strategies in the greater Philadelphia region. Formcraft also offers scenario planning and test fit-outs based on the results of the diagnostic program.

“WorkforceDiagnostics™ gives leaders of organizations the data needed to understand their team’s capacity and bandwidth of working from home and their overall ability to work in a more agile environment. It assumes a work-from-home component will be part of the real-estate strategy, and allows the workplace strategy team to create a blended environment that supports the business,” says Druckenmiller.

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Formcraft is the premier office design and renovation firm serving the greater Philadelphia region. Headquartered in Center City, Philadelphia, Formcraft is a design-led integrated project delivery firm offering workplace strategy, architecture, design, and construction services to take your project from start to finish. We design and build dream offices for businesses in technology, finance, life sciences, healthcare, industrial, communications, transport, insurance, and professional services industries.

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