March 24, 2021

Strategies to Safely and Effectively Reopen Your Offices


safely and effectively reopen the officeTo safely and effectively reopen the workspace, your company should take some preventative measures. Learn more about what to include in your Return to Work Strategy before you get your team back together. 

What’s Your Company Return to Work Plan?

As the Pennsylvania COVID-19 restrictions loosen, you may find yourself needing a return-to-work plan if you don’t already have one in place. Communicating this plan with your employees is vital because they may be hesitant to return to work after a year of uncertainties. 

Some things on their minds may be: 

  • Will my child’s daycare or school be open when I return to work?
  • What are my manager’s expectations for being in the office vs. working remotely? 
  • What has my company done to ensure my health and safety in the office?
  • Will I have to wear a mask?
  • And so much more.

By the time your employees officially return to the office, having a clearly defined plan will help with the transition. 

How to Create a Return to Work Policy 

Retaining talent is harder than ever because a rising number of U.S. employees are looking to make a career change during the COVID-19 pandemic. Don’t give them another reason to leave by keeping them in the dark about your Return to Work Policy.

One way to retain your employees is by including them in your policy planning. Distribute a survey, schedule one-on-one meetings, and establish return-to-work commitments. By asking what your employees are looking for as the ‘new normal,’ you can eliminate any pain points before they happen or worsen.

According to SHRM, one of the best ways to structure your plan to safely and effectively reopen your office is to phase-in employees returning to work. Determining a schedule will not only help with density but lay out expectations clearly for employees to follow. 

Once you’ve established a phased approach or other policy, it’s important to take another look at your office design. How will you accommodate your employees while following social distancing and other health and safety protocols? The technologies, furnishings, and perks you offer are so important as employees get comfortable in the offices again. 

Finally, SHRM also recommends your return to work plan should address what to do in the event of COVID-19 exposure and how to handle employees who are unable or unwilling to return to work.

Do You Have a Return to Work Program?

If you’re looking for more structure or a data-driven approach to return-to-office programs, learn more about WorkforceDiagnostics™. At Formcraft, we’ve designed WorkforceDiagnostics™ to take any guesswork out of workplace strategies. Leaders looking to make informed decisions about returning to work can sign up for the 6-week program that includes a company-wide survey and assessment to help you structure the return to work. 

WorkforceDiagnostics™ addresses office design changes you may need to make to boost employee confidence coming back into the office. It will show you how to innovate your office for a safe and effective return to the office. Our team will also provide scenario planning and modeling guidance so that you have a clear picture of what your future office will look like. 

If you don’t have a Return to Work plan, find out why Formcraft’s WorkforceDiagnostics™ could help you safely and effectively reopen the office. 

Contact one of our workplace strategists or designers today to talk about WorkforceDiagnostics™. 

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Contact one of our workplace strategists or designers today to talk about WorkforceDiagnostics™. 
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