December 19, 2017

The Newmark Knight Frank 2018 Suburban Forecast Event

The Newmark Knight Frank 2018 Suburban Forecast event took place this past Thursday, December 14 at the Philadelphia Country Club. There were a number of speakers at the event, all with valuable insight into the new year. Formcraft’s Project Excecutive, Wayne Druckenmiller, had the privilege of sitting on one the panels and raised some compelling conversation.

The talk began with a city vs. suburb debate, the pros of the suburbs primarily being space. This allows for a number of things, including increased natural light, a highly beneficial aspect of a workspace. Cities obviously offer a preferred location for ease of meeting & visibility.

The workplace is constantly evolving, much due to the people who occupy them. With millennial’s presence in the office on the rise, there are a number of changes that come with them. Millennials have a very high turnover rate, the average stay at one job being just 3 years. To combat this, fostering a workplace that encourages friendship and a reasonable mixture of work and personal life can reduce this high turnover rate. Millennials are also looking to live in a ‘destination’, they want to be able to work where they play. Lastly, millennials aren’t looking for the biggest office space, they are looking for the best. Rather than having the largest office possible, putting that money towards ameneties and technology within the office would go a lot farther.

The Newmark Knight Frank 2018 Suburban Forecast event was a well-ran event and inspired a lot of good conversation points. Join the conversation and let us know what you think about the topics above.

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