April 2, 2021

Company Culture Presentation: Tips for Communicating Change

company culture presentation

Does your office encompass your company’s culture? There are many benefits for building your brand and culture into your workspace. Whether you need to complete a renovation, redesign, or a brand-new build-out to accomplish this, it will be worth it in the end.

But first, take some time to communicate change to your employees. Enter company culture presentations. This is where you identify a clear vision about the current and future state of your company. 

When Should You Communicate Change?

When you have about a year and a half until your lease expires—and you plan on making a change—it’s time to communicate with your entire company. 

By this time, you should have already gotten some buy-in from department heads or your steering committee. Bring these groups back into the fold as additional resources and advocates for your company culture presentation. 

From here on out, focus on these four pillars: 

  • Communicate with your entire team early and often about the move
  • Provide actionable information in communications
  • Show your excitement about building a new office that truly encompasses your company’s culture
  • Transparency is key

How Should You Communicate Change?

Do so early and often, and make sure it’s actionable. 

Give your employees 18 months to adjust and accept change. In our experience, this is the right amount. To learn more about our 30-month lease countdown, read our eBook, “Our Guide to Your Future Office”.

Chances are, virtually every single individual will be frustrated at some point during an office move or company culture shift. When you communicate early and often about the change, you give people the chance to air their grievances and work with HR or management to find a solution.

Next, make your communications actionable. For example, if you’re in the process of incorporating your company culture into your office, you can make your communications actionable by asking for employee feedback at the end of every communication.  

What Are the Types of Company Culture?

According to Arthur F. Carmazzi, a thought leader in organizational behavior, there are five types of company culture: blame culture, multi-directional culture, live and let live culture, brand congruent culture, and leadership enriched culture. 

Your current or aspirational company culture type is important for your office design or redesign. For example, in a brand congruent culture, one that embodies the organization’s brand, employees actively problem solve, and thrive when cooperating. These individuals would need a collaborative, open-concept workspace to function.  

The concept of brand congruent culture can be characterized by three values: “Believe what you say. Live what you believe. Product/service improvement is everyone’s responsibility.”

When your employees live out your brand, they will be more productive and inspired to come into the office and do great work every day.

Provide them an office where they can thrive. Be sure to show your excitement about building a new office that truly encompasses your company’s culture. 

Why Company Culture Is So Important 

“Culture is also a recruiting tool. If you’re looking to hire talented people, it doesn’t make sense to fill your office with cubicles and limit employee freedom. You’ll attract mediocre employees, and you’ll be a mediocre company. If, on the other hand, you have an open working environment with lots of transparency and employee freedom, you’ll attract talent. From the minute people walk in the office, they should know that this is a different place with a unique culture.” – Neil Patel

Your office can be the embodiment of your company culture. It serves as a company culture presentation on its own.

Company culture can help businesses reach goals, retain talent, and increase productivity. 

Are you doing everything you can to improve your company culture and instill it into your office? Solidifying a company culture presentation, both through communicating change and gaining advocates in your employees, and through a redesigned office space are great ways to start.

If your lease is expiring soon and you need help with company culture, get in touch with the Formcraft team today!