January 6, 2021

Need Commercial Office Renovation Ideas?

An image from the design phase of the Formcraft Process shows how the Formcraft team goes all-in on commercial office renovation ideas.
The Formcraft Process

Did you know that 93% of people stay longer at companies with healthier workplaces? Attract and retain talent by building an office that shows you’re here to stay. Show them that you value their health and well-being through an office renovation. Whether starting or starting over, your commercial office has much to say about your business. Need commercial office renovation ideas? We’re here to help.

First, choose a company to help you with your office build or renovation. There’s no better team than Formcraft to build you a healthy workplace. Our proven design-build process has helped companies like Lily Pulitzer and Pilot Freight Services thrive in new workplaces. With design, architecture, and construction consolidated under one roof, we take your office renovation from vision to reality, so you can get back to work faster and in a brand-new, stylish office space. 

Your commercial office is like a second home to your team, so make your workspace count with the help of the Formcraft Process. We’ll discover, design, and deliver your dream office space.

Our process begins with discovering what makes your company tick. We’ll meet through in-person or virtual meetings to learn more about you and your company. Together, we’ll lay the groundwork for your vision by assessing what works for your company in terms of space needs and work style. We’ll ask you questions like:  

  • What does an ideal office space look like to you?
  • Is your staff both happy and productive in your current space?
  • Is your current office a good representation of your brand and culture?

After the discovery phase, our expert designers compile all ideas for your commercial office and get to work at what they do best.

Generating Office Renovation Ideas with the Formcraft Design Team

Why does a well-designed, comfortable workplace increase productivity by 16%? You may not realize it, but how your office looks and functions reflect your feelings about your company and team. Give them something to be proud of. Build an office that employees want to show off to friends and family. Encourage productivity through a workspace that inspires. We’ll cover this and more during the second stage of the Formcraft Process: design. We’ll give you commercial office renovation ideas during the design phase.

Many of our expert designers have 20 – 30 years of experience in the interior design field. With degrees from some of the best design schools in the Greater Philadelphia area, our designers and architects will get to know your company’s culture and brand and visualize your workspace goals. We think of the design phase as collaborative and customer-focused. Our designers know that you are the one that experiences the final product.

A great way to generate office renovation ideas that will inspire your employees to do great work is to bring them into the conversation early on. Your employees’ relationship with their workspace is personal—and they probably have opinions about how it functions. You may learn that your employees want more space to collaborate, more privacy for meetings or a dedicated space away from their desks to eat lunch. Your employees’ feedback helps us during the design process because knowing their day-to-day workflows will help us better support those functions in the design. 

Formcraft design experts specialize in identifying the unique characteristics of your company and translating them into a beautiful, functional space. Over the years, Formcraft has helped generate large and small office renovation ideas for clients. For a complete list of our clients, check out this page

Turning Ideas for New Office Into the Real Thing

Discover, design, and finally deliver. Through the Formcraft Process, we deliver projects 25% faster and more cost-effectively. We consolidate the traditional commercial real estate process into our trusted methodology. We can streamline design development, design documentation, and construction phases because we do it all in-house. Our team communicates and over-communicates during our design-build process because we don’t want anything to fall through the cracks. Our company does more than take your ideas for a new office and show you what could be done. We deliver office spaces with our in-house construction team. 

Our delivery team comprises industry-expert project managers, field superintendents, and construction professionals. With Formcraft, you don’t have to hire and coordinate multiple contractors during pre-construction and construction teams. We provide everything you need, which lessens the risk of delayed permits, day-to-day work, and delivery. 

See your ideas for new office come to life when you work with Formcraft. Contact us today if you’re ready to start the Formcraft Process for your office build or renovation. We look forward to helping you with your next project. Contact us today!