Designing Corporate Culture at Pilot’s New HQ

2 Braxton Way, Glen Mills, PA 19342
“The design, structure, the way departments are laid out, you can clearly tell that there is a lot of thought that went into it and there is some exceptional execution as well. I'm very proud of the location, everything turned out perfectly.”
CEO | Pilot Freight Services
The relocation of the Pilot was driven by the opportunity to consolidate multiple existing locations to a single HQ.

The relocation of the Pilot Freight headquarters to Glen Mills, PA was driven by the opportunity to consolidate multiple existing locations to a single HQ while creating a dynamic environment to support Pilot’s brand identity, forward-thinking culture, and the health and wellbeing of 300 employees. The complete demolition and renovation of the office covered 45,000sf.

Pilot Freight desired a modern workplace that fostered collaboration, improved communication, and conveyed their forward-thinking culture. They also emphasized the importance of brand identity in their new workplace. Formcraft’s integrated project team worked closely with Pilot Air Freight to ensure that every last requirement was achieved, while also incorporating design elements that enhanced the employee experience. Such design elements included the availability of daylight at all workstations, flexible meeting areas, and exposed ceilings.

​The final design delivers a modern workplace with hints of industrial design features and branding that work together to achieve a truly dynamic space. The wow-factor is present from the moment you enter the lobby; open ceilings with decorative lighting and hanging architectural features draw you in through the full-glass vestibule. The full-height windows at either side of the building flood the area with daylight. Feature walls constructed with corrugated metal and wood pallets are presented alongside graphics and signage that make Pilot’s brand experience as immersive as possible. Through these features, space succeeds in connecting both employees and visitors to Pilot Freight’s roots in logistics and transportation.

Functionality is the true driver of design in a modern office space. At Pilot Freight, workstations and flexible/collaborative spaces are provided throughout the sprawling open floor plan. More traditional meeting rooms and smaller huddle rooms with the latest technologies are placed thoughtfully to ensure that everyone has access to areas for focused or team-driven work. New LED lighting, flooring that utilizes the latest design trends, feature walls, and new furnishings finish out a space that truly presents Pilot Freight as a market leader in the transportation logistics industry.

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