The right space makes a difference

25,000 sq. ft.

“It was rewarding to see how happy the staff were in the middle of the project knowing that the job was being taken care of and they were satisfied.”

– Principal | Formcraft

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3,500 sq. ft.

"The new space has a modern, urban feel with comfortable, home-like touches. It's a place where they can feel proud to bring clients."

– Technical Director | Formcraft

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18,000 sq. ft.

Lilly Pulitzer provides a collection of authentic resort chic wear inspired by the Palm Beach lifestyle.

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21,335 sq. ft.

"The design and delivery team flawlessly executed a complex multiple area project all while the client maintained full operations throughout."

– Project Executive | Formcraft

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9,000 sq. ft.

"I literally do not have the words to express how grateful I am to the entire Formcraft team for making a dream come to reality. It really is much better than I could have imagined. Everyone from start to finish really brought it all together right down to the chair in my office."

– CEO | NeurAbilities

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