CVP’s Unique Culture & Growth Plans Guided Formcraft’s Design Process

1801 Market St #1300, Philadelphia, PA 19103
"The space is playful but still professional. Every line of sight has something warm and welcoming to catch the eye."
Technical Director | Formcraft
CVP's relocation to their new offices in Center City Philadelphia was an opportunity for them to create a space that welcomes both visitors and employees.

When Community Veterinary Partners (CVP) moved their offices to City Center, they wanted to create a space that was warm, welcoming and flexible enough to accommodate planned growth of up to 50%. Formcraft met the challenge with a bright, open office design with plenty of space for collaboration.

An open floor plan with low-walled workstations and comfortable seating areas helps them maximize the utility of their space. All of the workstations are located along the window line so they get plenty of natural light. Hard-walled executive offices and conference rooms, positioned in the interior of the space, have glass doors and windows to let light in.

The Formcraft design team built in a number of features for workers transitioning from traditional offices to a more open floor plan. Low walls on the workstations provide privacy for focused work. Informal seating areas and formal conference rooms provide opportunities to collaborate with colleagues, meet with visitors or simply get a change of perspective. Private phone booths allow people to make sensitive calls or participate in extended conference calls without bothering neighbors.

The finishing details were carefully selected to project the CVP brand and provide a welcoming environment for visitors. Clean whites and greys, along with light natural wood, create an airy, spacious feel. Bright pops of color, inspired by their corporate colors, are found in the soft furnishings, walls, the custom carpet and the tile backsplash of the café. An overall effect is a place where both visitors and employees feel comfortable and welcome.

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