Formcraft Maximized Space and Infused Fun and Hope at NeurAbilities

170 N Henderson Road, 2nd Floor, King of Prussia, PA 19406
"I literally do not have the words to express how grateful I am to the entire Formcraft team for making a dream come to reality. It really is much better than I could have imagined. Everyone from start to finish really brought it all together right down to the chair in my office."
CEO | NeurAbilities

The team at NeurAbilities Healthcare has been working diligently with children over the past 14 years to diagnose and treat a wide variety of neurological and behavioral disorders such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and ADHD as part of their mission to offer comfort, hope and answers to transform individuals and their families.

NeurAbilities approached Formcraft for help designing and building their new state of the art Treatment Center intended to increase their capacity so their team could work with as many families as possible. In particular, they asked us to create a realistic environment reminiscent of the world the children actually lived in to better assist in their development of real-life skills.

Our design resonated deeply with NeurAbilities’ mission and leapt at the opportunity to create a fun and engaging space to aid in developmental learning. With vibrant locales ranging from the Pizza Parlor to the Post Office to the Fire Department, NeurAbilities’ new treatment center replicates the sense of wonder we all felt as children. The central gymnasium, amusingly branded as Central Park, along with the warm and welcoming reception area round out the amenities.

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