Entech’s More Collaborative Workspace

2 Great Valley Parkway, Malvern, PA
"Entech's new Malvern office has no walls, no private offices, but plenty of space for collaborative, team based work."
Designer | Formcraft
Entech, a rapidly growing software company, expanded into a new office in Malvern. In need of more space, Entech enlisted Formcraft to design and build an office that could support their growth and company culture.

The finished space is a complete transformation of existing space.  Built on the principles of collaboration and flexibility, Entech removed all private offices, and integrated huddle rooms and open office breakout areas to encourage employees to choose where and how they work.  Transparency in the work place is promoted with the use of full height glass partitions at all room fronts and the open café allows for large communal gatherings. Large groups can take advantage of a cafe that includes a long island with stools to seat up to twelve people. Individual workstations are assigned organized by team and department, with a designated space for management. The main conference room is designed to support Entech client meetings.

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