The right space makes a difference

14,000 sq. ft.

"Entech's new Malvern office has no walls, no private offices, but plenty of space for collaborative, team based work."

– Designer | Formcraft

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26,400 sq. ft.

“The new space provides a balance between collaboration and concentration- both of which are really important to the work that we do at ASTM.”

– Director of IT Product Services | ASTM

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16,000 sq. ft.

"The space is playful but still professional. Every line of sight has something warm and welcoming to catch the eye."

– Technical Director | Formcraft

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5,000 sq. ft.

"The Formcraft team was very easy to work with. We got a great office design and the process went very smoothly."


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25,000 sq. ft.

“It was rewarding to see how happy the staff were in the middle of the project knowing that the job was being taken care of and they were satisfied.”

– Principal | Formcraft

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