A Renovation that Soars: Updating Atlantic Aviation’s Philadelphia FBO

8375 Enterprise Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19153
Atlantic Aviation partnered with Formcraft to update their Philadelphia location to support their goals, values, mission and brand.
Atlantic Aviation is a premier private aviation service with locations across the United States. They turned to Formcraft because their Philadelphia terminal was dated and did not meet Atlantic’s brand and quality standards—nor reflect the values of their customers.

Formcraft completed an interior renovation of Atlantic Aviation’s 9,000 sq. ft. location. The work included a new check-in area to build client relationships, and a new main lobby and terminal to reflect brand standards upon entry. The scope also included a new conference center, cafe area, and public and private toilet rooms. Additionally, Formcraft designed a new pilot’s area with a private lounge and shower area. Formcraft built a new line service area with offices and a line service kitchen area to prioritize employee wellness. Finally, Formcraft refreshed the exterior canopy and main entry.

Atlantic Aviation came to Formcraft with four specific goals in mind: Create a Customer Experience of the Highest Standard; Modernize the Aesthetics and Technology of the Space; Incorporate Local / Regional Design Elements; Design for Durability. Formcraft delivered solutions for each of these goals. 

First, Formcraft’s design included amenities and atmosphere that would reflect the premier Atlantic Aviation brand and help to create stronger personal relationships with their clients via improved quality of service, hospitality, and the comforts of home. The Main Terminal lobby is an inviting, two-story atrium that includes a central marble gas fireplace feature along with beautiful lounge furniture with built in technology for guests to charge and use their personal devices. Centered on the fireplace high above the seating area are a cluster of large LED globe lights as yet another focal point feature. The Lobby opens up to the beautiful café area with additional bar height counters and a great view of the tarmac. Coffee, beverages, snacks and grab and go amenities are served here. The conference center can be used by both staff and as an amenity to the customers. Additionally, the client relations desk is clad in a marble look porcelain slab and granite like quartz fostering first class check in for clients. 

Second, Formcraft provided a solution for modernizing the space. Upon entry and throughout the interior, a variety of warm and elegant materials are used to create a fresh sense of a modern hotel-like design quality. Materials include “wood look” porcelain flooring and textural carpet tile laid in a modern herringbone pattern, deep blue accent walls, modern wallcovering, and unique mosaic tile accents along with feature furniture and lighting all work harmoniously to engage the senses and convey a message of the highest standards and valued customers. The pilot lounge area has everything the pilot’s need to refresh themselves, socialize, have down time, take a shower, play some cards. 

Third, Atlantic Aviation wanted the design to reflect the greater Philadelphia region. Formcraft incorporated fine art by local artists that is relevant to Philadelphia.

Finally, Atlantic Aviation needed their office to be durable and Formcraft used quality materials to accomplish this. The porcelain flooring throughout is not only durable and easily maintained but its wood-floor appearance is warm and inviting. In addition, the line service offices and kitchen serve the flight crews and is required to not only look great and be extremely durable for high wearability and use by staff coming on and off the tarmac in all kinds of weather. Kitchen is state of the art and is used by the flight crews for food preparation. All flooring in the line area is wood grain porcelain tile flooring with wood grain cabinets quartz counters and subway tile backsplash to be highly durable and look to notch.

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