LiquidHub’s New Office in Philadelphia

601 Walnut Street, Suite 460, Philadelphia, PA 19106
“The client was very excited with how quickly the project was finished and how well Formcraft created continuity between their Wayne Headquarters and Philadelphia location.”
Site Superintendent | Formcraft
LiquidHub is constantly optimizing their clients experiences, it was time to optimize their own space.

LiquidHub is built around the idea of having a flexible approach to their client’s challenges. They want to connect companies to their industry using diligent research, technical expertise, and top of the line technology. With a staff of over 3,000 employees worldwide and 50-75 at this location, LiquidHub’s workspace serves a key role keeping everyone connected.

Having already established a design standard with LiquidHub at their headquarters in Wayne, PA, the design process went very quickly. The challenge was evaluating spaces to determine the best fit for LiquidHub’s expansion, and then launching into construction to maintain a very tight timeline.

LiquidHub wanted to expand into Philadelphia, while keeping consistent with their corporate headquarters in Wayne, PA. They wanted a space that would support the collaborative nature of their company, as well as adequately support each employee with their own workspace.

Using a blend of primarily white walls with vibrant furniture and appliances, the space comes together in a lively fashion. A tactful mix of old brick walls and new fixtures reminds you you’re in Philadelphia while keeping a modern vibe. There is a variety of work settings to combat monotony, as well as a completely open floor design. To get away from the buzz of the main floor there is an enclosed conference room as well as a much more formal board room in their respective corners of the space.

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