Formcraft’s Brand New Headquarters

2001 Market Street, Suite 520, Philadelphia, PA 19103
"The design team at Formcraft did a great job creating a space that fostered culture and supported the goals of the organization both short term and long term."
Technical Director | Formcraft
Formcraft’s management team always planned to consolidate our two offices. This opportunity presented itself sooner than we anticipated leading to an earlier than expected move-in date and the time pressure to design and build the space in accordance with our new deadline.

The primary factor influencing our decision to relocate and renovate the Formcraft offices was the management team’s desire to fully integrate our design, construction, and support teams under one roof. The location of our new Formcraft offices would be crucial to our new office’s brand image. Center City Philadelphia was a natural choice to further our strategic goal of being in the epicenter of business where our team could strengthen our existing relationships and foster new ones. Moreover, we hoped to leverage our Center City location to attract more clients from the heart of the city while simultaneously using our new design studio as a case study of our work and design/construction capabilities.

All great spaces start with great design. Formcraft’s design team set out to create a space that would personify the essence of who we are as an organization through highly customized finishes suited to the way we work. It was also important for us to have a space where our partners and clients would feel welcome. We wanted our guests to know that our doors are always open for them to enjoy a coffee or beverage from our break area, sharpen their swing on our putting green, or simply take in the majestic views from our lunch tables.

Collaboration was another essential element that we wanted to incorporate into our new office. We needed a workspace that allowed our core departments – Design, Construction, and Sales/Marketing to easily interact with each other more efficiently. The plethora of huddle rooms allows our teams to get their creative juices flowing in a focused environment designed to promote and encourage dynamic thinking.

We asked our employees for the top 5 words to describe the vibe of our new office – dynamic, entertaining, hospitality, biophilic, and sophisticated. Our designers generously applied concepts form biophilic design in our new space using natural wood elements, materials reflecting nature, and a striking lush plant wall greeting guests at the studio entrance. This also blended into the company’s modern and sophisticated color scheme in which we chose to forgo the typical flashy corporate colors for warmer earth tones. Our millwork featured a rich and sophisticated dark green with brass hardware and marble look countertop. From the moment you step off the elevator into the lobby, our wood branded wall with illuminated sign draws you to our workspace.

As is customary with the Formcraft process, we enlisted our construction management group to help deliver the new office space. Using custom components in any design involves a high level of coordination, and we had to be strategic and creative to ensure all our material finishes arrived on time to be seamlessly integrated, so the future workspace comes together in the way we wanted.

At Formcraft, we are purveyors of great design and construction management. It was imperative for us to pick a space that reflected our own personality and the type of spaces we deliver to our customers each and every day. The new office has a refreshing and inviting vibe that cultivated greater culture, improved our sense of teamwork, and helped with attracting and retaining talent.

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