Modernizing & Optimizing Tenneco’s 20,000 sq. ft. Office Space

241 Welsh Pool Rd, Exton, PA 19341
“Tenneco’s new office improves workflow efficiencies, critical departmental and personnel communication, and employee comfort and wellbeing.”
Senior Interior Designer | Formcraft
Tenneco wanted to modernize and optimize their office to create a supportive, communicative, and desirable workplace for employees, for guests, and for recruiting top talent


Prior to the renovation, Tenneco’s office had minimal access to daylight. The majority of the workplace consisted of enclosed space with narrow corridors. The company faced both communication barriers and under-utilized areas. For example, a large amount of unused square footage was wasted in the server and printer area, while desirable space in shared rooms was narrow and crowded. 

Formcraft needed to implement workplace strategies to apply the corporate brand, and convey the right message of Tenneco’s ideals and company culture in the design. Another objective was to improve the customer experience at Tenneco’s Philadelphia office and lab. Formcraft accomplished this by utilizing a fresh, clean, well-organized design. They improved amenity areas for guests by including spots they can plug in technologies in the cafe and collaboration areas. 

Formcraft’s two-story renovation included exterior work to let more natural light into the space. They installed a new full-glass storefront system, metal cladding on fascia, and canopy. 

Inside the space, Formcraft designed open offices. Full height continuous windows highlight the great views and allow for maximum natural light. Low height work stations for across-office views support the office’s connectivity and feeling of community. Dynamic wall, floor, ceiling materials and accent colors along with decorative lighting, wood ceiling features, and modern furnishings relay a fresh and progressive feel that aligns with the forward-thinking company brand. Acoustics and noise distractions were addressed via noise dampening materials and a white noise system.

Formcraft also designed a training area that seats 60 people and is divisible via an operable partition to break the area into two smaller training rooms. Intended not only for internal use, but also this space can be used to host company and partner events. Allowing Tenneco to foster relationships with their customers.

Additional design elements in Tenneco’s new office space include several common lounge areas. Employees can use this agile space to focus on work or collaborate. Supporting agile work habits empowers people to choose their settings. Next, Formcraft redesigned the cafe/town hall area. This space is expansive with access to windows. Flexible moveable furniture for multiuse as a café, choice of personal work area, breakout space, or café amenity space. Formcraft used fun, fresh wall tile, cabinetry finishes, lighting, accents. and furnishings. Finally, Formcraft included boardroom and meeting spaces and a gym area. 

With Formcraft’s help, Tenneco improved workflow efficiencies, overall design aesthetics, critical departmental and personnel communication and employee comfort and wellbeing.  The design aligns the Tenneco’s workplace with their vision, culture, and goals.

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